About Us

Silke Luana Steve

Grizzly Extensions is the result of our passion for feather jewelry and the beauty of individuality. In 2011 we were introduced to the fascinating world of pens by a friend Extensions introduced. Silke, a hairdresser by profession, recognized the great interest and demand in her salon and we decided to start our own company. Today we proudly present Grizzly Extensions, where you can find handmade feather jewelry of the highest quality and variety. Our feather extensions are as unique as you are. We believe that jewelry should be an expression of your personality and not mass-produced. Our high quality Feather headdresses allow you to present yourself individually and fascinatingly in every situation. Whether classic or trendy, you choose the colors that underline your individuality. Each of our pieces combines creative design, loving craftsmanship and excellent quality to perfectly match your personal style. We warmly welcome you to Grizzly Extensions. We look forward to inspiring you.

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